MyPillow CEO Gave An Explosive Response To His Ban From Republican Meeting: “They’re All Going To Have To Answer”

Lord have mercy.

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Mike Lindell, chief executive of Minnesota-based MyPillow Inc., isn’t taking getting thrown out of an event for the Republican Governors Association very well. According to the pillow salesman, he had flown to Nashville to attend the three-day meeting. Still, an event coordinator in the lobby told him he was not allowed at any official RGA events. And possibly — and just say with me here — it’s because Lindell is being sued for defamation by Dominion Voting Systems for $1.6 billion. And Lindell can’t seem to keep his mouth shut.

Lindell spoke with Real America’s Voice host Steve Bannon and somehow claimed that it’s a “cover-up.”

“You know, Steve, this is a coverup,” Lindell insisted. “The RGA and Brian Kemp, who is the chairman, should be ashamed of themselves for what they’ve done. It’s all part of this cancel-out. If they can’t talk to me, how can they have any kind of courage? They’re cowards. Both of them are cowards. Either that or they’re hiding something that so beyond anything we can imagine, a personal agenda. It can’t be a political agenda because they’re Republicans.”

“I will never give up, and I will never back down. But these guys, they never give up on their coverup, whatever they’re covering up,” he continued. “You’ve got to give them credit. They keep to their guns, and they keep trying to be obstructionists for the American people.”

Lindell then moved the goalposts by suggesting that the Supreme Court will rule 9-0 within the next six weeks to “pull this election down.”

“You’re going to have Brian Kemp and Doug Ducey front and center,” he said. “Tell us why you did this, Doug and Brian. And I can’t wait for that day when MSNBC goes; you know what? We said it was just a conspiracy, but it looks like it’s all true. China attacked our country through the [voting] machines… They’re all going to have to answer.”


Trump senior adviser Jason Miller called Lindell a “national treasure” on Twitter today over his bonkers interview with Bannon.

The election was not rigged, and over 60 court cases have dismissed wild-eyed claims to the contrary. If Lindell were a family member of mine, I’d be on the phone immediately to get him the help he so obviously needs. It’s over seven months since the election, and he can’t seem to get over the results.

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