MyPillow CEO Rally Has Pathetic Turn Out After Lindell Promised At Least 30k In Attendance

That's just embarrassing.

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Look, you could fill a mid-sized mental hospital with all the crazies that Donald Trump calls “friends” — Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, Roger Stone, Sidney Powell, the list goes on and on, each with their own specific flavor of absolute insanity. But when I find myself thinking “Absolutely batshit crazy,” no one comes to mind more often or more clearly than Mike Lindell.

The pillow salesman hasn’t been coy about his crazy over the past several years and has openly admitted to not only pushing the public towards insane conspiracy theories but pushing Trump himself; like the idea that the disgraced ex-president will somehow be “reinstated” in a couple of months. The nonsense tends to garner the MyPillow CEO quite a lot of attention these days, but not in the way we’re sure he was hoping for.

Over the past several months especially, Lindell has grabbed the attention of prank callers and various lawsuits, but he still can’t seem to manage to pull in a base for his flop of a social media site, nor a crowd for one of his unhinged rallies.


Today, the pillow salesman held a rally in New Richmond, WI, and, well, I don’t think it went according to plan.

At 9 AM, the “crowd” was off to a bad start:

One Lindell showed up for an interview, the crowd grew a little, but the 2,000 seats available at the event were nowhere near the 30 thousand attendees the pillow salesman was allegedly promising:

Unsurprisingly, the whole damn event ended up being a bit of a disaster, which you can read up on in the full thread here.

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When will these people ever just give it up???

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