New Book Claimed Ex-White House Aide Revealed What The Cut Versions Of Trump’s Jan. 6th Video To His Supporters Said, And It Made Our Skin Crawl

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We’ve known for some time now that, as the infamous January 6th Capitol riot was going down, Donald Trump’s now-former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was reportedly desperately pleading with the then-president’s oldest daughter Ivanka to come out of her second-floor office and do something, anything to get her father to stop the violent, escalating attack.

Thanks to Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s recent book, we knew that it took several trips down to her father’s office for Ivanka to finally convince Trump to release a video calling on his supporters to stand down. However, Jonathan Karl’s new upcoming book, Betrayalnow reveals that even once Donald did agree to the video, it wasn’t that cut and dry. Apparently, according to Trump White House sources who spoke with Karl, there were ultimately several versions of that infamous Trump video speech — one of which allegedly didn’t even ask his supporters to leave the Capitol building.

Reporting from earlier this month revealed that there were actually 6 different versions of Trump’s infamous “go home” speech, in which he heavily praised the people who were actively, violently attacking the nation’s Capitol. And now, thanks to Karl and an ex-Trump White House aide, we know a little bit more about what those 5 other cut versions looked like.

“If this was deemed an acceptable message, what was in the messages that were rejected?” Karl wondered. “A White House aide who was there as the president taped it told me that in the earlier rejected versions, Trump neglected to call on his supporters to leave the Capitol. He complained about the election. He empathized with their anger, but he didn’t call on them to go home.”

Karl goes on to describe White House Counsel Pat Cipollone’s alleged internal argument — nearly resigning right then and there in the midst of the January 6th attack, only to stay due to his fear of what may happen with the then-president in this state of mind.

The ABC White House correspondent goes on to note that Cipollone “tried in vain to get Trump to publicly condemn the riot, telling him that if he didn’t, he risked being removed from office—either through impeachment or by a vote of his cabinet declaring him mentally unfit under the Twenty-Fifth Amendment.”

Excerpts of Karl’s upcoming book have also confirmed past reporting that then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, along with then-Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, was actively plotting to have Trump removed via the 25h Amendment.

You can watch a clip of Karl covering an excerpt of his book on this specific topic from ABC here.

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