New Report Claims Don Jr. Is Now Under Federal Investigation For Hunting Endangered Sheep

It's about time!

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It appears as though Donald Trump isn’t the only Trump family member having a pretty bad day today.

While his pops is fretting himself silly over the fact that this will almost assuredly be the last afternoon he spends without the label of “impeached” tacked on to his name and reputation, it seems that Trump’s eldest spawn and namesake is experiencing some pretty big issues of his own.

It was recently revealed that while on a little vacay to Mongolia back in August, Donald Trump Jr. used his connection to his father to secure a permit to hunt and kill a rare argali sheep. Despite Junior’s near-constant harping about Hunter Biden using his father’s Vice Presidential status for personal gain, it was quickly revealed that the oldest Trump child was reaping the benefits of his nepotistic lifestyle when he received the highly-coveted permit for his kill — of which only 86 were granted that season.

ProPublica quickly investigated the situation and determined that the approval of the permits that Junior was granted is controlled by “an opaque permitting system that experts say is mostly based on money, connections and politics.”

And it didn’t take long at all to discover that Junior has been hanging out with the Mongolian ambassador and foreign minister at his daddy’s Mar-a-Lago resort just a few months before his trip.

Now it seems that isn’t even the worst of it for Donald’s mini-me.

According to a new report from Roll Call, Junior is now under a federal investigation as to whether or not he illegally hunted and killed the rare sheep during his time in Mongolia.

“The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said it will review allegations that Donald Trump Jr., may have illegally killed a rare sheep during a recent trip to Mongolia and imported parts of the animal back to the U.S.,” the report states.

“Animal conservation activists said President Donald Trump’s eldest son may have violated a federal wildlife anti-trafficking law after ProPublica reported last week that he shot and killed an argali sheep without proper permits during a personal trip in August,” Roll Call went on to note. “The Mongolian government issued a permit for hunting the sheep after the fact, and it’s unclear what happened to the animal after it was killed, according to the report.”

“A spokesperson for Trump Jr. on Tuesday provided a statement to CQ Roll Call denying allegations of wrongdoing related to the hunting permit. In the statement, which was also provided to ProPublica, the spokesperson said the hunting trip was purchased in 2015 at a National Rifle Association auction before his father announced his presidential campaign and all permits were secured through a third-party hunting group,” the publication went on to note. “Trump Jr.’s spokesperson declined to comment on whether any argali animal parts were imported to the U.S.”

Honestly, it’s about damn time Junior be held accountable for his cruelty and blatant abuse of his position of “power.” Quite frankly, I’m here for it.

You can read the full report here:

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