After Complaining About Hunter Biden, It Appears Don Jr. Used His Family Connections To Get Permit From Mongolian Government To Hunt Rare Sheep

Disgusting. Just like his daddy.

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The entire Trump family’s biggest defense of Donald amid his huge impeachment scandal boils down to essentially one thing and one thing only (or, rather, one person only) — Hunter Biden.

They shout from every rooftop from here to Manhattan about the transgressions committed by the former VP and 2020 Democratic frontrunner’s son. After all, that’s what this entire impeachment debacle is based on — Trump’s ploy to dig up dirt on his Democratic opponent and his son in an effort to sway the election through the aid of a foreign government once again.

Generally, one of their most favorite things to fall back on is the special treatment they feel Hunter Biden received from foreign governments due to the fact that his father was the Vice President of the United States. And unsurprisingly, one of the most prominent voices of such complaints is none other than eldest Trump son, Donald Trump Jr. — which is especially rich considering, well, the nepotistic lifestyle that Junior so regularly indulges in.

If you believe for even a moment that the oldest Trump son (and all the Trump spawn, really) don’t wildly benefit off their daddy’s undeserved position in the White House, I’ve got a fine piece of oceanfront property down in Arizona that’s got your name written all over it.

And frankly, ol’ Junior doesn’t even give us a chance to forget or ignore it.

Recently, Junior was in Mongolia where the Trump namesake shot and killed a rare argali sheep — a threated species of the animal whose hunting is heavily regulated by the Mongolian government, with only 86 coveted permits issued during this hunting season. And guess who got one of them after the Mongolian ambassador and foreign minister visited his daddy’s Mar-a-Lago resort about four months before his little hunting trip, while Junior and his family were there as well celebrating Easter?

An investigation recently released by ProPublica has revealed that Junior managed to get his grimy little paws on one of the highly coveted permits after he left the region in the wake of his hunt thanks to more than a little special treatment from the Mongolian government — writing in the investigative report that these permits are controlled by “an opaque permitting system that experts say is mostly based on money, connections and politics.”

Junior was in the country in August and didn’t receive the permit until the 2nd of September and ProPublica also reports that he met with Mongolia’s president, Khaltmaagiin Battuiga before leaving the country.

A spokesperson for Junior has claimed that he purchased the hunting trip at a National Rifle Association charity auction in 2015 before his father had even announced his candidacy.

But let’s face it, the favors are strong with this one.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

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