Trump Denies New Report That Claims He Suggested Naming Ivanka As His Running Mate In 2016

No, just no.

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Update: Donald Trump denied the report on Twitter, calling it “fake news” while lashing out at CNN.

Donald Trump’s former deputy campaign manager Rick Gates’ book “Wicked Game: An Insider’s Story on How Trump Won, Mueller Failed, and America Lost” is set to be published Oct. 13th, and Bloomberg News took a look at it, revealing a stomach-turning detail about the president’s idea regarding his favorite daughter, Ivanka. According to Gates, Trump repeatedly discussed with advisers the idea of naming his daughter Ivanka as his running mate in 2016.

Of course, Trump ended up settling for Mike Pence. Nepotism is a key feature of the Trump administration. In any other presidency, Americans would scream from the rooftops, but Trump supporters seem to be OK with this.

Ivanka, of course, has no experience to be a vice-president, but that’s something she has in common with her Daddy-President. The former reality show star had zero political experience when he ran for president. Still, somehow, Trump supporters thought it would be a cool idea to give a serial-bankruptcy filer the keys to the White House.

“During a VP discussion that included Jared and the other kids all assembled in one room, Trump said, ‘I think it should be Ivanka. What about Ivanka as my VP?’ There was silence,” Gates writes in his book, referring to Ivanka Trump’s husband, Jared Kushner.

“All heads turned toward her, and she just looked surprised,” he continues. “We all knew Trump well enough to keep our mouths shut and not laugh. He went on: ‘She’s bright, she’s smart, she’s beautiful, and the people would love her!”’

Narrator: We do not love Ivanka.

Gates writes that he thought at the time, “He’s not joking.”


In an interview, according to the Washington Post, Gates said he believes Trump has been a good president — “the most decisive president we’ve had probably since Eisenhower” — and says he supports his reelection.

Well, according to tax records obtained by The New York Times, they appear to show that Trump reduced his taxable income by treating his eldest daughter, Ivanka, as a consultant, then deducting this as a business expense. Trump’s favorite daughter earned a salary of about $480,000 while serving as an executive with the Trump Organization, and the amount spiked to $2 million after her father became president. Yeah, I don’t think she needs any more power than her father has already given her, thankyouverymuch. This isn’t a presidency – it’s a crime spree.

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