New Report Claims Trump Team Set Up An Entire “Command Center” The Week Of Jan. 6th Riot, Dedicated Solely To Overthrowing Election Results

Why aren't these people in jail yet?

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A new report from The Washington Post has revealed further details into the desperate tactics employed by now ex-President Donald Trump and his team as part of their effort to overthrow the results of the 2020 presidential election that now President Joe Biden won — including a “command center” constructed in a Washington, D.C., hotel during the week of the infamous January 6th Capitol attack, where they coordinated their efforts to overturn the results and stop the certification of the Electoral College votes.

According to the report, the command center headquartered at the Willard Hotel in D.C. became a makeshift home for the likes of Rudy Giuliani, Steve Bannon, and John Eastman — the attorney who penned the now infamous “coup memo” — among other notable names within Trump’s circle.

The report notes that the “Stop The Steal” rally that devolved into the violent, deadly storming of the Capitol was the most prominent, visible effort of the team and supporters to stop the election certification, however “…an emerging picture of a less visible effort, mapped out in memos by a conservative pro-Trump legal scholar and pursued by a team of presidential advisers and lawyers seeking to pull off what they claim was a legal strategy to reinstate Trump for a second term,” from their headquarters at the hotel.

“They sought to make the case to Pence and ramp up pressure on him to take actions on Jan. 6 that Eastman suggested were within his powers, three people familiar with the operation said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to describe private conversations,” The Post report reads. “Their activities included finding and publicizing alleged evidence of fraud, urging members of state legislatures to challenge Biden’s victory and calling on the Trump-supporting public to press Republican officials in key states.”

Sources speaking with WaPo revealed that the efforts and work by this command center team were intense “… leading up to and even extending beyond 1 p.m. on Jan 6.”

“In those first days in January, from the command center, Trump allies were calling members of Republican-dominated legislatures in swing states that Eastman had spotlighted in his memos, including Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona, encouraging them to convene special sessions to investigate fraud and to reassign electoral college votes from Biden to Trump, two of the people familiar with the operation said,” the report states.

WaPo goes on to note, “[Bernard] Kerik and Giuliani set up shop in Washington in early November at the Mandarin Oriental hotel, according to Kerik, and in the third week in December moved to the Willard, closer to the White House. The Willard attracted many pro-Trump figures around that time, including ‘Stop the Steal’ provocateur Roger Stone. Stone was not part of the Giuliani team at the Willard and did not participate in the team’s efforts, according to the three people with knowledge of the matter.”

What is it going to take to convince people that Donald Trump and his cronies were far more involved in that fateful riot than we could even begin to imagine?

You can read the full report here.

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