Newspaper Ran Scathing Editorial On Devin Nunes Regarding His “Blind Allegiance To Trump”

Ouch. That had to hurt.

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Republican Rep. Devin Nunes is quickly becoming one of this nation’s most favorite people to hate. And frankly, for a damn good reason. The guy’s a whackjob on his best day.

Over the course of the impeachment hearings, Nunes made a complete and total fool out of himself and his party multiple different times, in multiple different ways, ranging from unhinged rants about alleged nude photographs of Donald Trump to actually being busted, on the record, regarding his personal involvement in the Ukraine scandal by Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell.

Frankly, the entire thing didn’t turn out well for him and it’s only gotten worse as time ticks on. At this point, those phone logs of numerous calls between him and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani have all but nailed him.

And now Nunes’ very own hometown newspaper has dropped a blistering editorial on the GOP rep. for his blind loyalty to the president, which the author says is harming this nation as a whole.

The Fresno Bee editorial board positively burnt Nunes for prioritizing his loyalty to Donald Trump in lieu of his oath to this country, writing, “As has been true for nearly all of Trump’s first term, Nunes has relinquished his proper role as an independent representative of Congress and has instead acted like a member of the Trump 2020 re-election team.”

The editorial then goes on to put Nunes on blast for immediately dismissing any evidence against Trump as “hoaxes” as well as his involvement with the now-indicted Lev Parnas — a former henchman of Rudy Giuliani’s who’s effectively turned into quite the wild card for the Trump administration and their already shaky alibies and excuses as he continues to fork over more and more damning information on Donald and his allies.

“To advance the cause of getting at the truth, Nunes should come clean on the phone calls and tell the House what was discussed,” the scathing editorial continued. “He should also provide travel records to debunk the charge that he met in Vienna last December with the Ukrainian to get information that might hurt Biden; Nunes says he was in Libya and Malta.”

It seems that Devin Nunes and his cow don’t even have a safe home to run to anymore. This entire country is done with his bullshit.

You can read the full editorial here.

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