NRA Tweeted About Their October Sales On The Same Day As Deadly School Tragedy

This is disgusting.

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We’ve all seen this happen before in the news: On Thursday, students were led by deputies outside of school with their arms raised in California, about 40 miles north of Los Angeles. Two victims are dead after a boy who just turned 16-years-old opened fire at a high school in Santa Clarita, and at least one other is in critical condition. The two deceased students were a 14-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl. At least three others remain in the hospital.

“I hate to have Saugus be added to the names of Columbine, Parkland, Sandy Hook, but it’s a reality that affects us all throughout the nation,” Sheriff Alex Villanueva said.

“Across the nation, I hear frequently, ‘no more, no more, no more. When are we going to come together as a community in Santa Clarita and the rests of the communities to say ‘no more?'” Capt. Robert Lewis of the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Department asked.

Well, sadly, that will probably when the National Rifle Association stops paying off our elected officials. The NRA paid a metric fuckton of money to get Donald Trump elected and subsequently, nothing has been done after each mass shooting. Former President Barack Obama repeatedly tried to enact gun reform measures but elected officials who have been bought off by the NRA put an end to it and as a result, America has had to endure more carnage.

Just before this latest school shooting, the NRA unleashed this tweet to brag about the increase of gun sales in this country.

The Governor of California responded to the NRA’s appalling tweet.

And others weighed in, too.

The 16-year-old shooter who was armed with a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol shot himself in the head and was in grave condition at last update. It is his 16th birthday. All of this carnage could end if we just didn’t allow the NRA to dictate policies.

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