Pence Got A Much Smaller Welcome Than Expected As He Arrived For Campaign Speech

Ooooo... That's gotta hurt, Mike.

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Recently, Trump’s right-hand man, Vice President Mike Pence, found himself in Duryea, Pennsylvania where he was touring and delivered remarks at the Schott Advanced Optics glass manufacturing plant. Because even though his life is falling apart — Trump is about to be impeached and he’s about to throw into a presidential position where he knows he’ll be eaten alive, and is no doubt sobbing into mother’s shoulders on a nightly basis — he still has to do Donald’s dirty work in the meantime.

While visiting the great state of Pennsylvania, a few of Trump’s most loyal promoters showed up and made themselves at home in a nearby parking lot to show their support for Donald Trump and his administration, VP Pence included.

However, when I say a few, I mean more like a couple. Two, actually. Specifically. There were two people there. That’s it.

You honestly can’t really make that sound any “better” for the VP. Two damn people showed up.

According to a report from Citizens Voice, two diehard Trump women from Pittston Township, Piera Marotto and Melanie Yozwiak,  showed up in the parking lot, decked out in their Trump 2020 gear, put up signs, and even hung a banner from the back of their SUV reading “Trump: Make America Great Again” before parking their butts in some lawn chairs at the edge of the road in an effort to ensure the VP saw their display.

“We are here to show him there is support in northeastern Pennsylvania,” Marotto stated.

The pair explained that they’d been to several Trump rallies together and wanted to get as close to the goods as possible when they heard of Pence’s impending visit.

While Yozwiak said that she’s been a lifelong Republican, Marotto revealed that she only recently hopped the fence to the red side, citing the Democrats’ “complete socialist bent” of recent as the reasoning for her switch.

“They no longer represent our values,” Marotto declared, stating that the Republican’s stance on immigration and “freebies” to said immigrants hits close to home for her, as she and her parents immigrated to the US from Italy when she was three.

“They received nothing but the opportunity to live the American Dream, and they did,” Marotto stated. “Lately we have gone backwards.”

While this particular “show of support” certainly won’t be making it on any Pence resumes in the near future, I guess it’s better than the one he received during his recent trip to Ireland — which was, you know, nothing.

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