Obama Posts Inspirational Message About Black History Month While Trump Continues To Talk About Himself

He's not even in the same league as Obama.

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The differences between our current president and the one who came before him are certainly not ones that can be ignored — especially now that our country is going down in a proverbial dumpster fire all thanks to the man who took Obama’s place.

While not perfect (because who is?), Obama’s eight years in office were filled with love and compassion for not just the American people, but for every human being around the globe. It didn’t matter the color of your skin, the person or people you loved, where you came from, where you’d been, or where you were going — Barack Obama wanted to see you happy and successful and did everything within his power to ensure that everyone not only had the right, but the ability to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has built his legacy on division, cruel walls, travel bans, racism, bigotry, and a level of corruption never before seen by this nation.

Folks, they just ain’t the same.

And Trump has proven as much today, the first day of Black History Month, by endlessly tweeting about nothing but himself rather than even giving the beginning of the celebratory month so much as a mention. Literally, not a word so far.

Trump has spent his entire day bragging about golfing (which he excused as “exercise” this morning), peddling bullshit poll numbers, and referring to himself as “America’s Greatest President” while promoting right-wing nutjob Lou Dobbs.

Obama, on the other hand, didn’t let us down when he took to his Twitter account this afternoon with a heartfelt recognition for the first day of Black History Month.

“Sixty years ago today, the Greensboro Four stood up to injustice by sitting down at a lunch counter. Our journey is full of such stories; of acts of patriotic protest that challenge this country we love to live up to our highest ideals, however long it takes,” the 44th president of the United States wrote in a tweet.

Frankly, we can chalk this up as further proof that Donald Trump will never rise to the level of the man that came before him.

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