People Think Lindsey Graham Looks “Drunk” In His Latest Interview: “He’s Smashed”

You okay there, Linds?

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The GOP Senators pulled it off. Despite the shred of false hope we had that someone, anyone would pull through and give us the votes we needed to introduce new evidence in the form of additional witnesses and documents into Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial.

Despite the fact that a trial isn’t even a trial without witnesses and evidence, despite the fact that every individual in that room, Republicans and Democrats alike, know damn good and well that Trump is as guilty as the day is long, despite the fact that they all know that testimonies from Bolton and Parnas would make it impossible to acquit him because he did exactly what he’s been accused of — this nation’s Republican senators proved yesterday that their loyalty was neither to their constituents nor their oath to the Constitution, but to Donald Trump and Donald Trump alone.

Quite frankly, a part of America’s democracy died with that vote yesterday.

One of the greatest champions of the con job that took place in our Senate yesterday was none other than South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, who’s made it well known since the very beginning that he intends to do everything within his power to ensure that a fair, legal trial doesn’t take place and Trump is let off the hook for his multiple transgressions as soon as possible.

In the wake of the vote that went in his favor last night, Graham made an appearance on the virtually state-run Fox News Network. In and of itself, that’s not unusual. However, there was most definitely something unusual going on with Graham.

To cut to the quick of it, dude looked drunk as hell.

I’m not sure if it was one too many celebratory drinks, some drowned, repressed sorrows in too many mint juleps, a dip into daddy Donald’s Adderall stash, or if something’s just really, medically wrong with the guy — but whatever it was, it was damn sure noticeable during the Hannity segment last night.

Graham was so “smashed,” in fact, that he even broke out a dirty word.

“It was a bunch of partisan bullshit in the House, it continued in the Senate, it’s gonna end Wednesday, the president’s ‘gon get acquitted and it’s ‘gon blow up in their face,” Graham declared with a more than a little noticeable slur and some facial expressions worthy of Charlie Sheen on a three-day bender. “That’s what I think this is all about.”

Honestly, it’s hard for me to even describe to you how he looked and sounded. However, Twitter did a pretty good job of it:

I guess when you pretty much have to get trashed to defend the likes of Donald Trump.

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