On The Apprentice, Trump Would Allegedly Often Say He Was Going To Match The Money Raised With His Own Personal Funds, But Wouldn’t, So NBC Allegedly Had To Write The Checks He Promised

Not the first time and it certainly won't be the last.

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A while back, Donald Trump found himself on the losing end of yet another lawsuit when a New York judge ordered that he pay $2 million in damages, to be dispersed to a group of charities, after allegations that the then-candidate turned president’s Trump Foundation misused donated funds.

Back in January of 2016, Trump held a televised fundraiser in Iowa to support veterans of the United States military. The event was supposed to raise money that would then be donated to charities — an event he seemed to put together to avoid participating in the Iowa debates. However, court documents for the case show that $2.82 million in donations received as part of the fundraiser were improperly used by the Trump Foundation.

The judgment says that the money “was used for Mr. Trump’s political campaign and disbursed by Mr. Trump’s campaign staff, rather than by the Foundation” — which is big-time against the law.

Ultimately, the funds did end up is charities where they belonged to start with after the judge’s ruling that forced Trump to pay out $2 million in charitable donations.

However, as we learn of the disgusting way Donald Trump allegedly behaves in regard to our troops thanks to a bombshell report from The Atlantic, one former employee of his is taking this opportunity to inform the world that this is far from the first time Donald Trump has pulled a stunt like that.

Former Apprentice employee Noel Casler retweeted a post about Trump’s charity donation misuse and captioned it with this:

“More ‘losers and suckers’ in Trump’s eyes. On ‘Apprentice’ Trump would often say he was gonna match the money raised with his own personal funds. It was a lie for TV, he never did and NBC had to cut the checks Trump had promised.”

Trump has been a conman through and through since the moment he mastered walking and talking. If you thought for a moment that was going to change just because he weaseled his way into the presidency — Well, that’s on you.

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