One Of Trump’s Biggest Billionaire Backers Reportedly Personally Called The Ex-President To Tell Him His Political Career Is “Over”

He has almost no one left.

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It’s certainly been no secret in recent weeks that scandal-ridden Donald Trump is rapidly losing whatever little support he had left among the Republican Party and, even more notably, among some of his richest, most prominent donors and backers. This fact became painfully apparent to anyone who paid any attention to the matter, in the direct aftermath of the former president’s less-than-successful announcement of his official 2024 presidential campaign launch.

Key members of the GOP came out of the woodwork almost immediately to make it known to the world that they would not stand in support of the ex-president’s 3rd consecutive attempt at securing the White House for himself. The man who was once widely considered the de facto leader and kingmaker of the Republican Party can’t seem to rustle up enough support to carry the weight of a piddly congressional campaign, much less the literal United States presidency.

And it’s only getting worse for Trump with each passing moment at this point.

Recent reporting has confirmed that none other than Fox News monarch Rupert Murdoch apparently called the scandal-ridden, corrupt former US president and personally “made it clear” to Trump that his massive, notable, highly-Conservative network and wide-reaching media empire would not be supporting his controversial 2024 presidential campaign.

The damning revelation comes from David Parsley, chief news correspondent at British paper i, who reportedly spoke with sources close to Murdoch who confirmed that the king of the Fox News conglomerate personally spoke with the washed-up former president in the aftermath of the disastrous midterm elections that saw multiple losses within the GOP, among many of the candidates who were hand-picked and endorsed by the ex-president himself.

According to the reporting, Murdoch told Trump that the resounding failure among Republicans in the midterms served as the straw that broke the camel’s back when it came to the former president’s already shakey political career.

One senior News Corp source told Parsley, “We have been clear with Donald. There have been conversations between them during which Rupert made it clear to Donald that we cannot back another run for the White House.”

The report goes on to state that Murdoch went so far as to vow to support the 2024 Democratic candidate against Donald Trump in the presidential election.

The British publication reports:

The source added that the Murdochs would ‘likely remain neutral’ if Joe Biden stands against Mr. Trump in 2024. However, the family is open to backing another Democrat candidate should Mr. Biden step aside and Mr. Trump be on the Republican ticket.

The source said: ‘If it turns out to be Donald versus Joe then it may be that we just cover the race without any leanings one way or the other.’

However, the source added that if the Democrats could ‘find a credible candidate to take Joe’s place’ then the Murdoch media empire could back the Democrats against Mr Trump ‘for the sake of stability and a sensible White House.’

The source added that while the Murdochs would consider backing a ‘non-Biden’ candidate against Mr. Trump, the chances of doing so were slim: ‘A lot of things would have to fall into place for that to happen. Joe would not be running, and the Democrats would have to have a new strong candidate. And that is not Kamala [Vice-President Harris]. But I don’t believe the Democrats know who could replace Joe yet so he may well go for a second term, especially given his relative success in the midterms.'”

It’s worse than ever, Trump.

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