Something Seems Sketchy As Trump Now Appears To Hint That He May Completely Split From The GOP And Run As A Third-Party Candidate

This is honestly bizarre.

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Scandal-ridden former President and 2024 candidate Donald Trump has left people with more questions than answers after he took to his struggling Truth Social platform and shared an article that suggested he should run as a third-party candidate in the impending 2024 presidential election, should the Republican National Committee not peg him as their chosen nominee.

The article Trump posted to his Twitter-alternative platform was titled, The Coming Split, and begged the question of its readers, “What should we do when a majority of Republicans want Trump, but the Republican Party says we can’t have him?”

“The Republican machine has no intention of letting us choose Trump again,” the Trump-touted article reads. “He is not a uniparty team player. They’d rather lose an election to the Democrats, their brothers in crime, than win with Trump.”

The think piece goes on to note what we’ve all been thinking, and frankly have been terrified of — it’s highly likely that the Republican Party will ultimately peg Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis as the 2024 Republican nominee. The author goes on to refer to the likely DeSantis nomination as a “fake non-choice among candidates who are pre-selected for us.”

“Do I think Trump can win as a third-party candidate? No. Would I vote for him as a third-party candidate? Yes. Because I’m not interested in propping up this corrupt gravy-train any longer.”

Multiple estimations have determined that Trump still bears a stronghold over at least 20 to 30 percent of the Republican voting base. Even the article’s author makes note of the fact that a Trump split from the GOP would thereby split the Republican vote in the 2024 election, all but guaranteeing a Democratic victory.

But the article goes on to pin Trump as an “American” president, not a “Republican” one and attempts to claim that Trump has made good on all of his campaign promises — which he absolutely has not done in any conceivable way.

However, it’s clear at this point that Donald Trump needs a Hail Mary more now than he ever has, after his 2024 presidential campaign launch was pretty much dead on impact, even among some of his staunchest allies and supporters.

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