People Are Donating To Have A “Convict Trump” Cake Delivered To Every Republican Senator During Impeachment Trial

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The GOP-controlled Senate has frankly made quite a spectacle out of the trial to determine removal from the presidency currently being held against Donald Trump after the official impeachment in the House. Though we really can’t be too terribly surprised, considering they’re essentially doing exactly what they promised to do from the very beginning — turn this whole process into the biggest, most ridiculous sham they could possibly manage.

However, while surprise has pretty much become a thing of the past with this administration, disgust, detestation, revulsion, and anger are all still very much on the table.

And so is revolution.

While we don’t often find ourselves shocked by the stunts pulled by Trump and his sycophantic GOP anymore, that certainly doesn’t translate to people being willing to lie down and simply allow them to continue.

We all know damn good and well that this list of Donald’s impeachable offenses, worthy of removal from the presidency, is longer than his leg, shoe lifts included — and people across the nation have no intention of standing idly by and allowing their Republican Senators to conduct themselves in a manner that’s not adherent to their oaths to the Constitution.

Some folks have sent letters to their Senators. Some have sent emails. Others have made phone calls while some have staged protests right in their office. And one brave soul, well, he’s sending cakes.

Colin Bishopp has organized a GoFundMe campaign in an effort to raise enough money to send each and every GOP Senator a nice, tasty “Impeachment Cake.”

According to the description on the crowdfunding page, every dessert will feature the words, “Let Bolton Testify” in icing, with the hopes that delivering their message via a delicious sweet treat will “make the truth easier for them to swallow.”

“Republicans in the US Senate refuse to allow witnesses in President Trump’s impeachment trial, so let’s deliver them John Bolton’s testimony on a cake. Maybe that will make the truth easier for them to swallow,” Bishopp’s GoFundMe page reads.

“With this GoFundMe, we will deliver an #ImpeachmentCake to every Republican Senator’s office. Written in the frosting will be a simple message: Let Bolton Testify!”

Bishopp goes on to clarify, “In observance of Senate ethics rules, the cost for each cake will be less than $50. All excess funds will be donated to the Center for Human Rights and the ACLU.”

The crowdfunding page has only been active for a day or so and has so far raised $5,241 of their $7,000 goal.

It seems this is the perfect opportunity for Trump’s rats to have their cake and eat it too, provided that it’s an Impeachment Cake, of course.

You can donate to the cause here.

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