People Respond To Trump’s Late Night Rant After He Claimed There Was Smaller Crowd Of Protesters In DC Than Expected: “It Looks A Lot Bigger Than Your Inauguration Crowd”

Somebody sounds jealous.

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Donald Trump is once again obsessing with crowd size, and it hilariously bit him in the a** this time, too.

Massive protests have been playing out across the country as more and more Americans join the cause for racial equality after the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The protest in Washington DC has been particularly effective because it forced Trump to hide like a coward inside a bunker and he ordered another fence erected around the White House.

Trump has also brought in the National Guard for additional crowd control as protesters are teargassed and shot with rubber bullets.

Over the weekend, however, the protest crowd grew even larger. But Trump proclaimed it was “smaller…than anticipated,” only for Americans to humiliate him with a hilarious observation.

In response, social media users called out Trump’s lie by reminding him of the embarrassing beginning of his presidency along with noting that he’s hiding in a bunker.

Trump’s ego just took a direct hit.

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