Police Reports Revealed Mother Of Highland Park Suspect Domestically Assaulted Her Husband, Bobby’s Father, On Multiple Occasions; Used Shoe, Screwdriver

This just keeps getting worse and worse.

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In the aftermath of Monday’s Independence Day shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, that claimed the lives of 7 individuals and gravely injured over 40 more, newly released police reports offer Americans a glimpse inside the deeply troubled home life of suspected gunman, Robert “Bobby” Crimo III — including police reports that show multiple assaults against Bobby’s father, Robert Crimo Sr., at the hands of his mother, Denise Pesina, going so far as to utilize a shoe and a screwdriver as a weapon against him.

The New York Post now reports on the new revelations from the recently uncovered police reports that note authorities showed up at the dysfunctional family’s Highland Park home on at least 9 separate occasions between 2010 and 2014 in response to various incidents of domestic violence. The police reports show that in two of those incidents, Denise assaulted her husband with household items she used as a weapon — one incident including a shoe, another she used a screwdriver.

These rather telling police reports have been publicly released in the wake of Denise and Robert’s 21-year-old son opening fire on a Fourth of July parade in their city.

One police report covers an August 2010 incident, in which Robert Crimo told authorities that his wife had struck him over the head with her shoe. Pesina claimed that she was driven to excessive drinking because her husband “disrespected and belittled” her.

It was just a couple of months later when the police were called to the house yet again, in October 2010, because Pesina had allegedly struck her husband and the father of her child with a screwdriver. The report says Pesina told authorities that Crimo Sr. had been “making mean statements to me” and “calling me names.”

Robert Crimo eventually backpedaled and told authorities that he no longer wanted the screwdriver incident included in the official police report.

Court records show that neither Pesina nor Crimo were ultimately charged with domestic violence over the long string of domestic assault incidents. However, in addition to getting physical, the report notes that the pair also had a longstanding habit of calling the police on each other for driving or trying to drive while intoxicated.

Both parents have faced increasing scrutiny in the aftermath of their son’s shooting, as reports revealed that Bobby Crimo’s father willingly sponsored the soon-to-be gunman’s FOID card application that allowed Bobby Crimo to purchase a slew of guns despite previous documented mental health disturbances, while new footage from Monday shows Pesina in what appeared to be a screaming match with a SWAT police team just hours after her son opened fire on the Independence Day parade.

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