Psychiatrist Warned “Dangerous” Donald Trump “Appears To Be Psychotic,” Verging On A True Mental Collapse As Pressures Overwhelm Him

There's no denying at this point that Donald Trump is cracking.

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As Donald Trump’s public antics, behavior, and rhetoric only get worse, one former clinical professor of psychiatry at the George Washington University Medical Center is sounding off a warning that, in the midst of the former president’s sprawling legal troubles combined with his advanced age, Trump is not only “dangerous,” he’s teetering on the edge of a bonafide mental collapse.

Psychiatrist Dr. Justin Frank, author of Trump on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President, sat for an exclusive interview with Salon, in which he did not mince his words when he bluntly stated, “Donald Trump appears to be psychotic” as he spoke of the former president’s recent wild, unhinged outbursts surrounding the E. Jean Carroll defamation case that ultimately saw a loss to the tune of $83.3 million for the former president.

The interviewer questioned Frank as to what is really going on with the former president and 2024 Republican frontrunner as the court cases continue to sweep in and bury Donald Trump. According to the doctor, what we’re seeing recently is the truest form of Donald J. Trump, as his civil facade quickly slips away to show the man and the monster underneath.

“From the time Trump was five years old, he hated rules and couldn’t control himself. If Trump didn’t like something, he would convert feelings into immediate action. He threw rocks at a toddler who lived next door when he was five. He punched out his second-grade teacher because he got mad at him. As a father, Trump knocked out his son, Don Jr., when he was in high school because he wasn’t dressed appropriately,” the psychiatrist explained, adding, “Trump has always been like this.”

“As people age, they generally do not change; they instead become more of their true selves,” Frank added. “His capacity for self-restraint is becoming a thinner veneer over fundamental destructiveness. He is increasingly no longer able to fake it. This is why Trump is in court acting out, mumbling, being angry and disruptive.”

Dr. Frank also discussed the recent, bombshell Rolling Stone report that exposed the copious amounts of scheduled drugs that were dispensed by the White House pharmacy during Trump’s term, including an excessive amount of Ketamine that is used on-label to “treat severe depression,” leading Frank to believe that the former president has long been suffering and on a steady decline.

“Trump is extremely dangerous. Trump does not believe in laws and rules. He wants to be a lawless dictator. This is why I continue to share my conclusion, based on the evidence, that Donald Trump appears to be psychotic,” the doctor warned.

“He is a person who is detached from reality. Even with the trials and other pressures, Trump is not capable of breaking down, of being cowed and/or broken. If anything, Trump will go down in flames if he goes down at all. Trump is an extreme narcissist who will destroy anyone who has ever done anything to hurt him, to oppose him, or defy him.”

They’re trying to warn us — Listen.

You can read the full report from Salon here.

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