Questions Arose After Melania’s Unemployed Sister Reportedly Received Citizenship While Donald Trump Pushed “Public Charge” Rule

The mainstream media should shine a light on this hypocrisy.

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As President Donald Trump punishes immigrants for being poor or unemployed via his “public charge” rule, the same rule apparently doesn’t apply to First Lady Melania Trump’s own sister, an “artist” who received citizenship in 2017 under very suspicious circumstances.

It was the hypocrisy seen around the world when Melania’s parents and sister received citizenship despite her husband’s crusade against so-called “chain migration,” which allows family members of green card holders and legal citizens to be sponsored for their own immigration into the United States.


Now, we’re not saying that Melania’s sister and parents are evil people or anything, but Trump’s own logic dictates that her family members should not have been able to obtain citizenship via chain migration. But they were able to do just that according to Melania’s lawyer Michael Wildes, who told the New York Times that they obtained citizenship through chain migration and that the program “stands for a bedrock of our immigration process when it comes to family reunification.”

However, not for poor families, apparently, because Melania’s sister Ines Knauss is virtually unemployed yet enjoys a wealthy lifestyle courtesy of President Donald Trump.

According to Town & Country in 2017:

The 49-year-old [now 52] lives in a Trump-owned apartment in the same Upper East Side building that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump called home (before they moved into their new house in Washington). It’s just four blocks from Trump Tower, where the first lady and Barron live in a triplex penthouse.

Palm Beach philanthropist Audrey Gruss, above right, with Ines and Melania, told the New York Post the sisters ‘are very close.’ She met Ines at a fundraiser for the Boys’ Club of New York at Mar-a-Lago in 2005. Ines, she says, struck her ‘as a lovely person, and extremely creative.’

Indeed, the lesser-known Knauss seems to be an artist…”

Ines aspired to be a fashion designer, but that career path fell through and she has supposedly been an “artist” ever since.

Most artists have a day job until they catch their “big break” in an industry that really shifts with changing tastes and perspectives. Some artists’ works never achieve monetary value until after they die.

But there’s not a whole lot of “art” from Ines Knauss and she doesn’t really share or advertise her creations as many artists do today because social media makes it more possible for artists to make money than ever before. However, Ines mostly posts images of Melania on her Instagram account and based on this sketch Melania shared on her Twitter feed way back in 2014, one can’t really say she’s that good at her supposed craft either.

In short, Ines Knauss appears to be mooching off her sister and in-laws — who themselves are mooching off taxpayers — while offering nothing to society that would merit citizenship in this country according to her brother-in-law’s own immigration policies.

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