Rare Photos Captured Barron Trump Playing Golf With His Dad On Palm Beach Golf Course

What's up with that?

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Despite Donald Trump’s departure from the White House back in January, most of the ex-president’s children have continued to milk whatever is left from their 15-minutes of fame. Donald Trump Jr. seems he’s still trying to earn his father’s love and trust fund by continuing to use every platform that will have him to peddle Donald’s most insane conspiracy theories and gripes about a “stolen” election. Ivanka has moved down south with daddy dearest, spending her days flouncing around Miami where she takes lots of paparazzi photos and living it up on the occasional yacht while clad in a bikini that probably costs more than my house payment. Eric, the grifting middle child, has appeared to take a back seat to his bulldozing wife Lara here lately, who has been considering her own political run and even has her own Facebook show now. Tiffany is quiet, per the usual, and Barron is nowhere to be seen, also per the usual.

That is, until now, anyway.

Barron was the only Trump child that managed to largely stay out of the spotlight throughout his father’s presidency — with only the rarest mention of his name once or twice, and it always blew over very quickly — thanks largely in part to his mother Melania’s determination to keep her only child as clean as possible from his father’s political nightmare.

Melania’s determination coupled with, what I think anyway, was a lack of even really recognizing his youngest son on Donald’s part, meant that not only was Barron Trump’s name rarely ever mentioned, he was rarely ever even seen.

While I don’t have an exact number, I would feel safe betting that Barron Trump wasn’t photographed with his family during the four years his dad was in the White House more than a dozen or so times. And that’s probably stretching it.

But now that Donald is no longer running an entire country (into the ground) it seems as though Barron and his pops are starting to get acquainted. Or, maybe Mel just couldn’t find a babysitter that day.

But whatever the reasoning was, images obtained and published by the Daily Mail today show 15-year-old Barron Trump hitting the Palm Beach golf course with his dear old dad.

From the Daily Mail: 

Barron Trump joined Donald on the golf course in Palm Beach on Saturday and wasted no time in showing off his swing.

The 15-year-old was seen playing with his father and a handful of other men, and one woman, at Trump International Golf Club near Mar-a-Lago in West Palm Beach.

Barron, like his father, wore a white polo shirt for the outing but was one of the only people in the group not wearing a Trump-branded hat.”

Donald’s rare outing with his youngest son comes on the heels of reports that the former president has evidently been making some lifestyle changes; including losing weight, ditching the orange-toned spray tans, and allowing his hair to go grey.

Frankly, we’re not sure what’s up with him these days. Or better yet, what he’s up to with all of these changes. But to be honest, I’m all for Donnie turning himself into a family man, as long as he stays the hell away from politics in this country.

You can check out the photos from the Daily Mail here.

Featured image via screen capture

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