Report Claims Pompeo Is Using His Official Government Role As Secretary Of State To Evangelize To World Leaders: “My First Calling Is To My Savior”

There's no such thing as respect for the Constitution anymore.

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Apparently, absolutely no one in the Trump administration has any real respect for the United States Constitution in any way.

Let’s face it: Trump himself makes a habit out of spitting on that thing at every opportunity he can get — pushing his actions and behaviors to the very limit of what he thinks he can get away with, which, at this point, is a lot.

But if you were somehow still holding out hope that there was someone in that administration who still respected the document that this nation was founded on, my suggestion is you go ahead and let that hope go, lest you be sorely disappointed.

Because there’s no one left.

Thanks to reporting from the New York Times, we’ve known for some time now that Donald Trump’s Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, is well known for “brazenly inserting his evangelical Christian beliefs into discussions of foreign policy.”

However, it wasn’t until now that he’s been spitting in the face of the tradition of separation of church and state in an effort to peddle his evangelical narrative to leaders around the globe, all while the taxpayers of this nation pay for it.

Right Wing Watch’s Peter Montgomery alleges that Pompeo recently took part in a conference call hosted by the anti-LGBTQ hate group Family Research Council for conservative Christian clergy and “told FRC’s pastors that he has used his official travels as an opportunity to evangelize.”

“I’ve been unabashed in my role as Secretary of State to talk about the fact that I swore an oath to the Constitution, but that my first calling is to my Savior,” Pompeo apparently told the right-wing Christian pastors who were in on the call. “And I’ve made that something that I tell world leaders, whether I’m with President Sisi in Egypt or whomever, whatever faith they may be of or of no faith.”

Evidently, the Secretary of State went on to admit that he’s experienced some displeasure from some world leaders for his attempts to indoctrinate them, saying, “we’ve watched some of us be called out for that, to think that, to say that we don’t care about science, that we don’t care about the rule of law, all the things that I know we all care so deeply about.”

Pompeo then went on to attempt to rake in some brownie points with the group of religious leaders and most specifically Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council.

“My relationship with pastors across America, with Tony and all of you, reminds me of the important reason that I believe the Lord put me in this place to have this opportunity to make religious freedom such an important part of what this administration is doing,” Pompeo stated.

Frankly, nothing is sacred anymore, and the United States Constitution is no exception to the new “rule” implemented by the Trump administration.

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