Report Claims Trump Is Overwhelmed And Melting Into Narcissistic Rage Behind Closed Doors

He's losing his marbles.

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It was clear from the get-go that Donald Trump was really hoping this whole coronavirus thing would be on its way out as quickly as it made its way in. However, here we are, months into this complete and utter disaster, nearly 100 thousand people are dead, more than 1.5 million are currently confirmed to be infected, the economy isn’t worth its weight in circus peanuts, the entire country’s been on lockdown for weeks and every time somewhere attempts to reopen under Trump’s guidelines everything goes to hell in a hot second, Donald is floundering in numerous polls, he hasn’t been able to hold a single ego-soothing rally in months, and there’s no real end in sight.

And according to a new report from Politico, it’s all really starting to get to Donnie inside the walls of the White House.

Politico reports that, more than anything, Trump’s current inability to surround himself with low IQs and adoring fans in the form of his incessant MAGA rallies — thanks to the coronavirus pandemic — has led to a serious upset in Donald’s already typically foul mood.


The report claims that aides close to Trump are working diligently in an attempt to figure out how to get Donald back into those rallies he so desperately needs for his ego boost, “mindful of the president’s tendency to lash out when he’s cooped up in Washington for too long and deprived of opportunities to connect with his ultra-loyal fans.”

Politico also notes a bit deeper reason behind Trump’s excessively bad attitude as of late:

“In recent meetings with top campaign officials and White House aides, Trump has questioned why he’s avoiding campaign events if it‘s safe for him to travel in his official capacity.”

Frankly, folks, you don’t really get a clearer example of narcissism than that.

People are dying at an alarming rate. This nation is facing a catastrophe of proportions we’ve never seen before. People can’t pay their bills, feed their families. And there is quite literally no legitimate end in sight. Yet here we are with the president throwing hissy fits of epic proportions because he’s been deprived of the validation he needs to keep his head swollen to that alarming size.

You can read the full report here.

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