Report Reveals Some Of The “Key Charges” At Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Resort And Americans Should Be Appalled

Trump is literally nickel and diming taxpayers.

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Donald Trump claims he is a businessman when in all actuality he is, to his core, a grifter. Donald looks for legal and financial loopholes and abuses them for all their worth, that backed with the money his daddy gave him is how he made a name for himself. Now that he has squandered most of that away he has been grifting us, the taxpayers, in horrendous ways, and this is certainly one of the craziest. 

The Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold has been paying attention to the expenses Trump has been charging the government, and in turn, us. In an article that was released Tuesday, he cites $2.5 million dollars in charges including cottages, flowers, and dinners — and this is just what we know about.

The worst discovery made through this reporting comes from an instance where Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited Trump at Mar-a-Lago:

“There was no food served. No private room to rent. Seemingly nothing to charge for, but Mar-a-Lago still sent the government a bill.” Fahrenthold reported. “‘Bilateral meeting,’ the bill said. ‘Water.’ The price was $3 each, including service charge. Taxpayers had effectively paid Trump’s company to serve him water.”

That is correct, the US taxpayers are essentially paying for $3 water for our billionaire President. A writer at Slate did the math and estimated it is about a 400 percent mark up saying:

“In total, the President charged the United States something like a 400 percent markup for his glass of water. While the competition for such a distinction—given Trump’s record of fraudulent charities, fraudulent businesses, and government graft—is stiff, Slate would like to propose that, going forward, this be considered the iconic and canonical example of Donald Trump corruption.”

People learning about this are pissed and took to social media to give their response to the so-called President:

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Chris Gifford