Reporter Asked Donald Trump Why He Lied To The American People And Why We Should Trust Him: “That’s A Terrible Question”

President Bodybags is having a bad day.

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Donald Trump gave a press briefing that, of course, turned into a MAGA campaign event for his reelection as he lashed out at Democratic nominee Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. The “I take no responsibility” President has a lot to answer for after excerpts from legendary journalist Bob Woodward’s book Rage was released. And the recordings Woodward released are damming as jaws dropped across the United States after hearing Trump admit months ago that the coronavirus was “dangerous.”

Trump knew the coronavirus was a “national security threat” in late January, and yet, he failed to spring into action to keep this country safe. Woodward has more audio recordings, too, and those will be out before November’s election. And today, Trump tried to cast blame on Woodward, saying that he should have come forward earlier if he was so alarmed. But, that’s not how journalism works.

Trump golfed, held rallies, and mocked social distancing guidelines instead of warning American citizens of the threat that awaits them. Trump’s day just got worse, though, when ABC’s Jon Karl confronted him about the lies he’s told the American people. Trump, of course, lashed out in anger, because that’s just who he is.


“That’s a terrible question and the phraseology,” Trump shot back. “I didn’t lie. What I said, we have to be calm.”


Yeah, sure, the guy who has repeatedly tweeted that Joe Biden will destroy the suburbs and claimed that scary Antifa supersoldiers are piling into airplanes. The old man claiming that protesters are throwing soup cans at the police is the dude trying to maintain calm.

This guy, who tweeted this just hours ago is trying to keep our population “calm” amid the raging pandemic:

Sorry, we’re not buying it, Mr. Man.

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