Reporter Claims Ivana’s Burial At Trump National Golf Club “Likely Delivers A Huge Tax Break” To The Corrupt Ex-President

You've gotta be kidding me....

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At this point, we’ve “known” Donald Trump long enough and well enough to know that the man is going to attempt to make bank on any and every situation possible. Whether it be his real estate schemes, his tax schemes, his children, the US presidency, or even his first wife’s death.

Earlier this month, we reported on the news of Ivana Trump’s untimely death — after the 73-year-old Czech-American former model turned Manhattan socialite was reportedly found dead at the bottom of a staircase in her Upper East Side home. The medical examiner has since determined Ivana’s cause of death as “an accident caused by blunt impact injuries to her torso.”

The scandal-ridden president was the first Trump to speak out on Ivana’s death and was heavily involved in his first wife’s (whom he shares his three oldest children with) services as the family laid the former matriarch to rest.

The Trump family held a “celebration of life” for the Manhattan socialite at St. Vincent Ferrer Church on the Upper East Side, where Ivana’s children memorialized their mother as the “embodiment of the American dream.” Following the funeral services — which saw Ivana carried into the church in a golden casket with a blown-up copy of her Vogue Magazine cover by her side — the Trump family came together for a private reception at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster.

According to a new tweet from Molly Jong-Fast, Ivana Trump was forever laid to rest at the very same Trump golf club:

It’s certainly a bit odd for Donald Trump to bury his first ex-wife on his golf course, to begin with. However, things got stranger still when Detroit Free Press and USA Today reporter Phoebe Wall Howard replied to Jong-Fast’s tweet with this piece of information:

Based on this information, it certainly seems as though there is a serious possibility that Donald Trump quite literally used his own ex-wife and the mother of his first 3 children to secure himself a whopping tax break at one of his properties.

The worst part? I’m not even a little bit surprised by the notion.

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