Reporter Claims Members Of Secret Service Told Her That Trump Was A No-Show At Their White House Christmas Party


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In case you hadn’t noticed over these past four years, there is only one person that Donald Trump really and truly cares about — himself. It’s something we’ve always known about the guy, even far before his presidential days, but to say that his carelessness and disregard for basic human life has been highlighted by the coronavirus pandemic would be an understatement.

Since the very beginning of this global catastrophe, that’s hit the United States like a ton of bricks thanks to Donald’s devil-may-care attitude, the now-outgoing president has made it clear that he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the American people he swore to protect. In fact, the only thing he cares about at all is making himself look like a “winner” — ultimately resulting in far more attention to the economy and the 1 percent-ers in his pocket than the rea American public that can’t put food on their tables or keep their lights on throughout this disaster.

But Donnie made things more personal still during his own bout with the potentially deadly coronavirus. During his stint with the illness, Donald spent some time at Walter Reed Medical Center, where he received extensive treatment for the illness that the rest of the public isn’t privy to. But to make matters all the worse, Trump couldn’t avoid some publicity even long enough to ride out a deadly, highly contagious virus. Instead, he put himself in a vehicle with his Secret Service agents to participate in a ride around the block to see all his adoring fans who had gathered outside the hospital; a move that put those agents in direct danger.

However, lo and behold, despite the agents’ willingness to risk their own lives to allow Donald Trump his joyride, it seems as though Donnie couldn’t even find it in himself to show up for their Christmas party.

According to investigative reporter Tara Palmeri, two secret service sources told her that Donald Trump didn’t even show up to their White House Christmas event.

“Two secret service sources told me Trump was MIA at their White House Christmas party on Sunday. A real bummer for the people who risk their lives to protect him,” Palmeri’s tweet reads.

None of them have any business gathering in the middle of a pandemic in the first place. But, since they’re going to do it anyway, you would think Trump could at least show up for the people that literally put their lives on the line for him, wouldn’t you?

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