Reporter Releases Undercover Photos That Show The Condition Of Trump’s Doral Florida Resort

Oh, that's just NASTY.

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One of Trump’s favorite insults, when someone or someplace has hurt his fragile little feelings, seems to be resorting to attacks against cleanliness. We all remember the debacle with the city of Baltimore a few months back when Trump referred to the area as a “disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess” after the late Rep. Elijah Cummings, who presided over the district of Baltimore, dared to criticize Donald’s multiple drawbacks.

And now the guy is doubling down on his favorite attack, this time against his own home state of New York — specifically New York City — after Trump announced that he and his family were changing their residency to the state of Florida (because, ya know, taxes) and New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo was less than sad over Donnie’s decision — ultimately stating “good riddance” and “Florida can have him” in response.

So, of course, Trump has since taken to claiming that the city he’s known and loved all his life is suddenly “getting dirty and unsafe again.”

Now, things like this have honestly never worked out well for Trump — shortly after his attacks against the city of Baltimore he was busted for having restaurants that were infested with rats and rodents and multiple reports have since indicated that the White House is suffering from the same issue.

And now that he’s disparaging the city of New York, the conditions of his National Doral Miami golf resort have been revealed by the Daily Mail — and let me just say, the members of the impending G7 Summit really dodged a bullet when Trump decided to backtrack on holding the event at Doral. Because, holy God.

The report from the Daily Mail on the conditions of the resort owned by Trump is honestly even worse than I was prepared for.

The publication described ever-growing garbage dumps piling high above the tree line, just around the bend from a disgusting garbage burning plant ominously towering over the golf course.

Patrons of the Doral resort have reported jets flying so low over the property that they could smell the burning fuel and clearly read the logos plastered on the cabins — and oh yea, that’s because it’s situated directly in between two landing strips at Miami International Airport.

They went on to describe gold toilets smeared in what they assumed was feces, mold-caked AC vents, and chaise-lounges by the pool, unidentifiable black carpet stains, ratty towels, and overflowing cigarette receptacles, not to mention the out of order phones and elevators, chipped and cracked walls and pavement, and various critters such as “dog-sized” Iguanas and flocks of blackbirds there to meet the guests.

Oh yea, and they’ve got bedbugs. In a bad kinda way.

Long story short, just one of Trump’s “famed” resorts is far more disgusting and downright hazardous than New York City and Baltimore combined ever thought about being.

You really think he would learn to stop calling places nasty when you need a biohazard suit to stay in one of his hotels. But then again, this is Trump we’re talking about here.

You can read the full report from the Daily Mail here.

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