Republican Political Consultant Steve Schmidt Responded After Trump’s Attacks, Called Him “Incompetent And Inept”

He's not wrong.

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Steve Schmidt responded to Donald Trump’s tweets in which the president seemed to misinterpret the former Republican strategist’s words completely. Trump is throwing a fit after a judge ruled that former National Security Advisor John Bolton can move forward with publishing his tell-all book that details the president’s incompetence to hold office. Trump quoted Schmidt as calling Bolton “a despicable man who failed in his duty to protect America.”

But Donald Trump completely missed the point and unleashed an incredible self-own on Twitter. Bolton, instead of testifying during the impeachment hearings, held out to sell his book instead. If Bolton truly cared about this country, he would have helped to remove this corrupt and inept president.


Schmidt tweeted to the president to say that Bolton failed to protect American from Trump, and he’s not wrong.

The Lincoln Project, the group of Republicans who oppose Trump that Schmidt is part of, responded to the brutal tweet with a gif.

Trump is calling the man he hired a “wacko” and “washed up,” while accusing Bolton of illegally leaking classified information. The revolving door at the White House has been busy with many “wackos” entering the executive mansion, only later to be shoved out of the administration. But the biggest wacko of all of them still sits in the Oval Office where he has failed to address the national crisis. Instead, he held a rally in Tulsa without practicing social distancing or wearing protective face masks amid the raging pandemic.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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