Republican Senator Pens Op-Ed On Coronavirus: “Death Is An Unavoidable Part Of Life” (UPDATED)

It just keeps getting worse.

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Throughout this entire coronavirus pandemic that’s landed the United States at the world’s top spot for confirmed infections, Trump’s Grand Old Party has made it strikingly clear that they’re far more concerned about their dead leader’s beloved economy than they are making sure that the American public can pay their rent.

That much was made clear when their stimulus package ultimately only offered one $1200 payment to adult Americans while massive corporations are getting the bailouts of their lifetime.

But when it comes to the disregard for the average Joe American at the hands of Trump and his Republican party, it’s become increasingly, painfully plain to see that our ability to pay our rent isn’t the only area they’re sickeningly unconcerned about — they don’t particularly give a damn about our lives either.

The president himself has spent weeks downplaying the severity of this outbreak and regularly spitting in the face of the social distancing and quarantine guidelines laid out by the CDC and WHO.

Now it seems that one of his cronies in Congress would like to see him take that a step further still at the expense of human lives, our lives — literally.

Wisconsin GOP Senator Ron Johnson recently penned an op-ed in USA Today regarding the coronavirus in which he stated: “death is an unavoidable part of life.”

“What more people are saying is that as we learn more about COVID-19, we should evaluate the total societal cost of this awful disease and try to put things into perspective,” Johnson wrote.

He then went on to draw a comparison between the opioid and suicide deaths suffered in this country, writing, “that level of individual despair has occurred in a strong economy.”

He also went on to warn against overreaction to the coronavirus and doubled down on the dangerous and false comparison between COVID-19 and last year’s “exceptionally bad flu season.”

“Every premature death is a tragedy, but death is an unavoidable part of life,” he stated.

“Nonetheless, much of our economy must stay open to provide life’s basic necessities. Rather than announcing general shutdowns and drawing up lists of ‘essential’ business that can remain open, let’s draw up lists of ‘nonessential’ businesses that pose a risk for coronavirus spread,” the GOP Senator suggested.

Should you ever find yourself wondering if you’re on the right side of the fence when it comes to all this political stuff, just remember which side was willing to offer up your life as a sacrifice.


Since publishing this article, a fact-check was conducted by USA Today which determined that the contents of the article, as well as the headline, were partially false.

The fact check determined that while Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson did write in his op-ed that “death is an unavoidable part of life,” it was not in connection to a suggestion to re-open the economy or cut back on social distancing guidelines laid out by the CDC. Johnson’s op-ed made it clear that “he is not calling for any such immediate return to normalcy.”

Upon notice of the fact-check, Political Tribune has updated both our headline and the content of our article to reflect the correct information.

You can read the full article from USA Today here.

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