Rudy Giuliani Appeared To Lose It, Went On Fox News, Claimed Democrats “Want To Literally Kill Me”

Is seems Donald's crazy is rubbing off on him.

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Donald Trump is batshit crazy to his core, so it makes sense that he would surround himself with equally crazy individuals so as not to make himself stick out like a sore thumb. But after a recent appearance on Trump’s beloved Fox News Network, Donald’s personal attorney and overall bootlicker-in-chief Rudy Giuliani may have given him a run for his money in the “I should have been committed weeks ago” department.

Despite Trump’s “acquittal” in the Senate that let him off the hook for every last one of the crimes that he absolutely committed, it seems that not a single member of that cult-like clan has the ability to just shut the hell up about it.

During an interview on Trish Regan Primetime, Rudy Colludy not only doubled down on the Ukraine conspiracy that landed them all in hot water to begin with, but actually rolled out a fresh, new hair-brained theory that supposedly involves a “bunch” of Democrats who allegedly want to “literally kill” him for finding out.

The Trump personal attorney who I’m almost positive has some wildly unchecked mental issues declared to the Fox Business host that he had piles of evidence of a “big Democratic scam” involving Ukraine, but like any other time Giuliani has opened his mouth regarding such a topic, he had absolutely nothing of substance to back up his ridiculous claims.

He then went on to declare that he had additional evidence of “a corruption affair” involving Joe Biden and his son Hunter. However, once again, he had not a shred of evidence to go with it.

“Big Democratic scam for about seven years started in 2011. We’re going to reveal the whole thing,” Rudy declared on the segment.

“It’s not just Biden, a bunch of Democrats, and that’s why they’re so crazy on this subject of Ukraine and why they want to literally kill me,” he continued.

The Fox News host pressed the former New York mayor and asked if he was literally suggesting that people were “on the take,” to which Giuliani responded by declaring that he could “prove it.”

Rudy then switched lanes to beat on the dead horse that is the Biden family topic, reading from what he claimed was a document from the Latvian government sent to the Ukrainian government that suggested the Biden father and son were involved in “a corruption affair.”

“This is what you call a smoking gun money laundering case,” Giuliani asserted.

If Rudy and his big mouth have anything to do with it, Donald’s soon going to find himself on the impeachment chopping block for the second round of corruption, obstruction, and blatant quid pro quos.

Perhaps they’ll get lucky and be able to share a cell once they inevitably end up in prison.

You can watch the clip here:

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