Social Media Users Questioned Whether Trump Was Wearing A Brace After Photo Showed Him In What Appeared To Be An Awkward Stance

What is wrong with him?!

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Something funky is going on with Donald Trump, and I mean more so than usual.

It’s been no secret over the last few years that Donnie is not a healthy individual. Despite his sycophantic White House physician doing his level best to convince the masses that Trump is as healthy as a horse thanks to nothing more than “good genes,” the fact of the matter is, we all know better.

We’ve caught wind of his lackluster eating habits. We’ve read reports on the daily medications he takes. We all know damn good and well that the extent of the man’s exercise is swinging a golf club before hopping back up in his golf cart — not to mention the widely-accepted speculation that the dude’s on some drugs.

Frankly, he’s probably the unhealthiest “healthiest man alive” we’ve ever seen.

But over the last several months, it’s really seemed as though the state of Trump’s health and well-being has gone from bad to worse.

None of us have yet forgotten the recent Walter Reed debacle when Trump suddenly made a very impromptu trip to the medical center for what he later brushed off as nothing more than a portion of his annual physical.

However, it appears that Trump has done nothing but slide even further downhill in regard to his health since he made that unscheduled trip to the hospital for his “physical.”

Since his Walter Reed visit, more than a few things have led us to believe that Donald isn’t nearly as healthy as he continually tries to claim, and that trip to the hospital had a hell of a lot more to it than a routine checkup.

Back before the whole world went to Hell in a handbasket, Donald attended the CFP National Championship game where he and Melania took the field in the Superdome before kickoff.

Just from observing his gait alone, it was pretty easy to tell that Trump has something going on — as he appeared to swing his right leg around as he walked.

But social media users were quick to pick up on more than just Donald’s awkward stroll. People noticed that his right foot appeared to be rather swollen and he tended to stand at an even more awkward, uncomfortable-looking angle than usual.

In fact, his right leg seemed to be affecting him so much so that some users are speculating that he may be wearing a brace.

It definitely seems as though something is going on here, people. This is a bit on the weird side, even for him.

But perhaps nature will soon do us all a favor and take its course. I don’t think they’ll let you run for reelection from a nursing home.

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