Rudy Giuliani Breaks His Silence After Damning Impeachment Inquiry, Appears To Make The Situation Worse

Well, that was a bad idea.

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Yesterday, European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland delivered his testimony to the House Intelligence Committee as well as the American public regarding what he knows about the Ukraine scandal that effectively kicked off Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Despite the fact that Trump was eager to put Sondland on the stand at the beginning of last month, if you watched yesterday’s hearing you know it’s pretty safe to say that, like the others before his, the ambassador’s testimony didn’t go well for Trump or most of his cabinet.

And while Trump alone does a perfectly good job of making a messy situation that much worse completely on his own — leave it up to his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani to damn it all the way to hell and really drive it home for Donald and his crew of sycophants.

In the wake of Sondland’s testimony — in which he tossed everyone and their dog under the bus — Giuliani evidently thought it’d be a good idea to hold a phone interview with Blaze TV host Glenn Beck and double, triple, quadruple down on the bullshit that landed Trump in hot water to begin with.

During the segment, and despite the fact that even state-run Fox News admitted that Sondland’s testimony was bad news for Donald, Rudy declared that he was still pushing for the Ukranian investigation into the Bidens that kickstarted this whole ordeal — citing allegations made by ousted Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin to foot his claims.

“All I can tell you is that for three or four years, that embassy has deliberately interfered with the ability to develop this story by not giving visas to Shokin and now four or five other parliamentarians, who are ready, willing and able to testify to this,” Giuliani stated.

“They have direct evidence about the bribery, the collusion. The case is a massive pay-for-play, multimillion-dollar scheme,” he continued before admitting, “I was in contact with two of them today.”

He then went on to admit that he had been feeding information from recently-ousted Hill columnist John Solomon and pressed him to publish baseless allegations against the Bidens made by former chief Ukrainian prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko, which were later retracted.

“I said to John, I think you should take the lead and we should put this all in the newspapers because if I go to the Justice Department now, they’re going to say Trump is forcing the Justice Department to do it,” Rudy declared. “Let’s put the darn thing out, and let’s see if any of these crooked media people will follow up on a proven case of bribery. And of course what we prove is, the double standard is so bad that they are faced with absolute proof that Biden paid a bribe.”

While Rudy likely believes that he’s doing Trump a solid by continuing to push the very investigation that got him in trouble to start with, I don’t know that he realizes he’s only dumping gasoline on what is already a blazing fire.

At this point, Rudy, your “help” is not helpful. Not for Trump, anyway.

If you can stomach Glenn Beck, you can listen to the full interview here.

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