Rudy Giuliani Is Reportedly Resorting To Seemingly Desperate Measures As His Legal Fees Continue To Mount

Oh, this is downright pathetic.

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While it’s true that I’m not personally familiar with the inner workings of the ex-president’s former personal attorney and old mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani’s, personal and professional finances, I think it’s safe to assume that they’re likely not in great shape these days. After peddling his old boss’ incessant, baseless lies about the 2020 presidential election for months on end, Rudy is finally beginning to face the music of his actions as Dominion Voting Systems buries Donald Trump’s old lawyer in a hefty defamation lawsuit.

As you’d expect, a lawsuit of such significance undoubtedly comes with an enormous stack of legal fees, However, it doesn’t seem as though ole Rudy is raking in the dough by any stretch of the means. He hasn’t served as Donald’s personal attorney in quite some time, he’s had his law license suspended for lying to the courts on numerous occasions, and multiple reports have indicated that his old boss certainly isn’t loosening to purse strings to help him out with his mounting legal and financial woes.

So now, it seems, Rudy has been forced to take these financial matters into his own hands, no matter how desperate the measures.

According to a report from Newsweek, the man formerly dubbed “America’s Mayor” has now been reduced to selling clips of himself on Cameo, a platform where users can purchase personal messages from public figures for things such as birthdays, graduations, or other special occasions.

“Good news: I want to connect with YOU on Cameo – now taking all Cameo requests!” Rudy posted on his Twitter account.

Rudy’s tweet captioned a link to a video in which he calls on viewers to purchase a personal message from him on the platform.

“Hi I’m Rudy Giuliani and I’m on Cameo. If there is an issue you want to discuss or a story you’d like to hear or share with me, or a greeting that I can bring to someone that would bring happiness to their day, I would be delighted to do it,” he says in his clip. “It can be arranged, we can talk through the magic of Cameo.”

While Giuliani certainly doesn’t admit that he’s doing the personalized clips in an effort to pay for his legal woes, it seems almost undeniably clear that ole Collude-y Rudy has finally hit rock bottom.

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