Sarah Sanders Makes Herself Look Like An Idiot In Front Of America, Tries To Play Dumb On Latest Trump Debacle

She did this to herself!

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Donald Trump and his team cannot stop making themselves look like complete idiots no matter what tactics they use. This has led to so much embarrassment for Trump and his inner circle, it’s amazing that they even continue trying even though it always backfires.

Once again, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders was reminded that no one likes a liar — especially when you lie for the President of the United States. Yesterday, she told reporters that she was “not aware” if Trump had “formally” told former White House counsel Don McGahn not to testify to Congress.

As usual, her boss made her look like an idiot for trying to defend him — because the night before, Trump went on Fox News and signaled to McGahn that he should not testify to Congress! During the Fox News segment, Trump told Fox correspondent Catherine Herridge that he can’t “let” McGahn testify. His exact words were:

I don’t think I can let him and then tell everybody else you can, because especially him because he was a counsel.”

So Sanders is either clueless about the moves of her unhinged boss, or she’s lying again — either makes her look terrible! Neither would be a stretch at this point. Sanders has lied her ass off (and been caught) multiple times, and her deranged boss has kept her in the dark and let her (and many other members of his administration) look like fools on national television.

Regardless of what is really going on, Sanders further tarnished her reputation and further convinced Americans that they cannot trust anyone who works in the Trump administration. This White House is a place where truth and facts do not exist, and the people who work there are more than happy to continue defending the president.

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