Scandal-Ridden Trump Reportedly “Frustrated” That People “Just Don’t Care” What He Has To Say About Anything Anymore

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In an appearance on MSNBC recently, Axios founder Jim VandeHei took some time to explain the desperation and frustration that ex-President Donald Trump is almost assuredly feeling right now, now that he no longer has the reach and level of attention that he’d become accustomed to receiving during his time in the White House, being that he’s now without so much as a measly Twitter account to air his grievances on — something made painfully apparent when he shuttered his blog down after a mere month because no one was reading it.

VandeHei spoke with MSNBC host Alicia Mendez and explained that a recent Axios investigation ultimately showed that Trump’s various blog musings on day-to-day events had painfully low reach among news consumers, his own supporters included.

“People just don’t care” what Donald Trump has to say anymore, according to the reporter.

“I think it’s definitely about his reach,” the Axios founder explained. “He’s having a hard time getting through. In general, we’re seeing it with our own traffic at Axios, every media company is seeing: people are just not that interested in politics. People are no longer obsessed with what Donald Trump has to say.”

“It doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a massive following inside the Republican Party, but people just don’t care,” he added. “He put out that statement yesterday in regards to China and [Dr. Anthony] Fauci and basically saying that the Chinese should pay the American people and the world $10 trillion, because in his words, they created the virus, and it just doesn’t get the bang for the buck that it used to for him.”

“He’s very frustrated,” VandeHei explained. “Remember, he’s booted off of Facebook, he’s booted off of Twitter. You don’t really see him on TV that much and this is a guy who’s used to getting a lot of attention.”

You can watch the clip here:

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