Senator Reveals What’s Going On Inside McConnell Run Senate: “No Legislating Is Going On. We’re Just A Little Factory That Approves Federal Judges.”

It had to be said!

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The people of the United States of America have been suffering in a multitude of ways from this virtually uncontrolled pandemic for a startling eight months now — and frankly, needlessly.

Pretty much every other civilized country in the world not only has a handle on this virus and its spread, their governments have stepped up to the plate to help their people, financially, through the unprecedented and dangerous times.

However, here in the States, we the people have been repeatedly failed by our government in virtually every conceivable way, from every conceivable level, throughout this entire crisis.

Starting at the top, President Trump has done next to nothing to quell the spread of this potentially fatal illness, resulting in uncontrolled transmission and over 200 thousand deaths and counting. And things don’t get any better working your way down through our government.

Over the course of this pandemic, where many other countries have given their citizens various amounts of monthly financial assistance, the United States Congress has offered Americans one $1200 check, apparently meant to last them a full eight months and counting. So far, we have yet to see a single other ounce of assistance from the people that are supposed to be in place to help us. And at the end of the day, it’s all thanks to none other than Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

McConnell has all but admitted that financial assistance for struggling Americans is last on his list of priorities. Frankly, all he really cares about is rushing to confirm Donald Trump’s SCOTUS pick. And it seems that his colleagues in the Senate are sick and tired of it.

During part of Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation process, Hawaii Democratic Senator Brian Schatz laid it all out on the Senate floor, and folks, he held nothing back when it came to his feelings on Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell.

“Let’s be clear. His priority is judges,” Schatz blistered, speaking of the Senate Majority Leader. “His priority is always judges. It’s like a joke here. We fly in, a lot of us fly out on the weekends. We fly in… We say ‘What’s on deck for this week?’ And everyone says ‘Nominations.'”

“No legislating is going on,” Schatz pointed out. “That’s become the way this place operates… We’re just a little factory that approves federal judges.”

Folks, it’s sad. But it’s spot on. Mitch McConnell doesn’t care that you can’t feed your family or pay your bills. All he has ever and will ever care about is desperately trying to maintain whatever power he can for the GOP after this disastrous part four years.

Remember that in 8 days.

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