Sickening New Details Emerge Regarding Republican Madison Cawthorn’s Alleged Predatory Behavior In College

This makes me sick.

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Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn has recently found himself under more than a little scrutiny as his position within the government has begun to do what it does to everyone — shine a bright light on any lies, transgressions, or wrongdoings he may have under his belt. It happens to anyone and everyone who decides they’re going to spend their foreseeable future in such a high-profile career. However, what comes out of it all is oftentimes far worse for some than it is for others.

And what we’ve seen and heard on Cawthorn is enough to make your skin crawl.

Just yesterday, we reported that Rep. Cawthorn’s old friend busted him in a disgusting, brutal lie about the car accident that paralyzed him — with Cawthorn claiming that his friend left him to die “in a fiery tomb,” only for the friend involved in the accident to publicly reveal that he did everything he could to pull Madison out from the wreckage.


And now, more details about the Republican Representative have come to light that will make your stomach lurch.

Last week, Buzzfeed published an in-depth report, detailing Cawthorn’s time at Patrick Henry College, where he was accused, multiple times, of stomach-churning predatory behavior against women.

Buzzfeed spoke with one woman who recollected a “scary” late-night drive, during which Cawthorn drove her out to the “middle of nowhere.” The publication also gathered testimony from several former students of the college Cawthorn briefly attended in 2016, who recalled the now-Congressman’s pattern of misogynistic behaviors.

Included in the comments reported to Buzzfeed by former students was testimony from Diego Lastra, who recalled remarks made by Cawthorn, ranking the sexual prowess of women based on their race.

From the Buzzfeed report:

When they had hung out, Diego said, it felt like the frat that his college didn’t have. He said the guys would make vulgar jokes. One day at the start of the spring semester, Diego, then 18, said Cawthorn was driving him and some of their friends back to his house to a party when Cawthorn asked, ‘Which race of girls gives the best blowjobs?’ Cawthorn then interrupted him, Diego said, answering his own question: ‘White girls are the worst, Black girls are second, Asian girls are the best.’ Another PHC student who was in the car confirmed the story.”

According to Lastra’s recollection, Cawthorn once went so far as to allegedly brag about engaging in behavior that we can only describe as sexual assault during one of the car rides that he was infamous for taking women on:

Diego and the other PHC student said the boys in Cawthorn’s circle would brag about these late-night drives and tell stories about touching women, framing it like they were ‘conquests.’ Diego said that Cawthorn would talk about how he would get women to sit in his lap, and at a party at his house one night, he told a story about a fellow classmate whom he pulled onto his lap and then put his finger in between her legs as she squirmed. Diego said he remembered Cawthorn saying, “’irls like that stuff.'”

Cawthorn had a habit of taking women on what he called “fun drives,” and Caitlin Coulter, who once found herself on one of Cawthorn’s infamous car trips, described the way the “energy changed” once they were in the car together:

He kept making ‘insinuations,’ she said, asking about the purity ring on her finger, which she felt was an attempt to get her to talk about sex. She said she felt nervous and unsafe. For nearly 20 minutes, she said, she refused to answer the invasive and suggestive questions, shutting him down until he snapped.

He whipped the car around and drove back to campus recklessly, Coulter recalled. She said she had to hold on to her seat for parts of the drive back.

‘It was really scary,’ she said. ‘And just I remember just being very happy to make it back home safely.'”

Another source from Cawthorn’s college days, Leah Petree, who is now a Republican intern on Capitol Hill, spoke of how she was forced to change her lifestyle after Madison refused to take no for an answer when he asked her out on a date.

“Having to sit and listen to this man on a stage speak to us about his closeness with God or the events in his life, and knowing our experience with him, was really disappointing,” Petree told Buzzfeed.

You can read the full report here.

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