Social Media Trolls Don Jr. With Hilariously Embarrassing Photo After He Attempts To Attack Bloomberg Publication

Doesn't get more embarrassing than this.

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If you ask someone to fill in the blank with what comes to their mind when you said “Don Jr.” you will probably see a trend — idiot, possible crackhead, etc. But I think the overlying descriptor would be, simply: Embarrassing. 

From his awkward Instagram posts whining about followers all the way down the spectrum to his calls to go to “total war” over the Trump family election farce, Don Jr. is just that, embarrassing. Perhaps there is a reason there appears to be more photos of him posing next to dead animals than there are of him and his father.

Today, Jr. once again made the mistake of posting something ludicrous on social media, saying, “Apparently Bloomberg was sleeping through the last four years where the highest levels of government conspired against the duly elected President of the United States.” 


The Trump family whining and victimhood knows no end. Their time is almost up in the White House and they are not only refusing to leave, but also refusing to stop embarrassing us.  One reply to the oldest Trump son’s tweet summed up Don Jr. and his incessant whining about politics at this point perfectly:

Ah yes, look at him with his silly hat and his dumb cigar thinking that he is good for this country. But the response is spot on — No one takes Don Jr. seriously. Some of the other responses were quite good too:

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Chris Gifford