Social Media Users Taken Aback By Trump’s “Confused Look” During New OAN Interview


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You would think that something like the United States presidency would age a person a thousand years. But when it comes to the disgraced former guy, Donald J. Trump, it seems that being out of the White House is doing quite a harder number on him than being in did.

Since his eviction notice from the power of the presidency in November of last year, Donald Trump has had to work double and triple time to get the attention, admiration, and respect that he’s so convinced he deserves. All of that “hard work” he’s put in to remaining relevant has really seemed to wear on him.

Recently, Trump sat down for a new interview with the ultra Conservative OAN news network and frankly, the whole thing was an absolute train wreck, just exactly as you’d expect.

However, people seemingly found it hard to focus on the ex-president’s nonsense talking points because they were far too focused on his gaunt and unappealing appearance.

Of course, Donnie’s spokeswoman, Liz Harrington, did her duty, taking to her Twitter to plug the disgraced former guy’s interview with the ultra-Right network:

But, I’m willing to bet she didn’t get the response she was hoping for, as Twitter users found themselves taken aback at how, well, rough Donnie is looking these days:

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