Someone Caught A Picture Of Trump’s Ginormous, Gaping Mouth As He Supposedly “Sang Along” With The National Anthem, And Social Media Has All The Thoughts

You can't make this stuff up.

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Listen, I am not a big fan of shaming or even really talking about someone’s physical appearance. But when it comes to Donald Trump, sometimes opportunity comes a’knocking and you just can’t pass it up.

Despite using his first wife’s untimely death to secure himself an extension on his court-ordered sworn deposition in the New York Attorney General’s investigation against him, the one-term, twice-impeached former guy has been happily yucking it up with all of his most favorite Republican stooges at his New Jersey golf club — that is apparently now also a cemetery after Ivana Trump was reportedly buried on the grounds in what was assumably an effort to secure himself a big ole fat tax break at the property — during the controversial Suadi golf tournament that he went forward with, despite all of the endless backlash he received.

But if the situation itself weren’t bad enough as it is, it was the numerous photos that were captured of the scandal-ridden former guy that really caught people’s attention.

Just last week, we reported on the pictures that appeared to show Donald Trump looking worse than we’ve ever seen him during the controversial tournament at his New Jersey property. But today, a new photo is quickly making the rounds on social media that is somehow… Even worse.

See for yourself:

Now, at first glance, I personally could have sworn that was a big, fat yawn — all that corruption and ketchup throwing will make a man tired. But, according to the caption on the image, the dude was apparently actually singing along to the National Anthem.

I know, caught me off guard too.

The social media responses went exactly as you’d expect:

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This is yet another one of those situations where you just couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried to.

Featured image via screen capture 

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