Sordid New Details Are Coming Out About Tyler Boebert’s “Crime Spree,” Including His Alleged Inappropriate Involvement With An Underage Girl

Like father, like son, I guess.

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After news broke this week that Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s 18-year-old son Tyler Boebert, the father of her grandson, was arrested in Garfield County on a staggering 22 charges — all of which are seemingly in connection to a recent string of trespassing and thefts in the area — sordid and disturbing new details surrounding Boebert’s son and his alleged “crime spree” are coming to light and they’re frankly even worse than we expected.

The new reporting comes out of Colorado’s popular local outlet, Westword, which says that police have begun to release additional details about the string of crimes and thefts across the area that ultimately led to Tyler’s felony arrest, which was confirmed in a Facebook post by the Rifle Police Department on Tuesday.

Police now say that Boebert was working with three underage friends, all of whom were caught on surveillance cameras breaking into people’s vehicles, stealing any credit cards they could find inside, and then taking those credit cards on shopping sprees at various establishments across the area.

Lauren’s son stuck out like a sore thumb on surveillance videos, making him easily identifiable to investigators, as he was wearing a hoodie featuring the logo of Shooter’s Grill, the very same Shooter’s Grill that was owned and operated by his mom and dad, Lauren and Jayson Boebert, prior to Lauren’s congressional career.

According to Westword, investigators have confirmed that Boebert was the “leader” of the crime ring, comprised of three males, including Lauren’s 18-year-old son, and one underage female, with whom Tyler “supposedly made a sex tape.” The publication reports that the alleged tape was distributed around to people that Tyler and the girl knew.

All in all, Tyler Boebert was charged with 4 counts of criminal possession of a financial device, 3 counts of first-degree criminal auto trespass with intent to commit crime, 4 counts of criminal possession of ID docs, 4 counts of ID theft possession with intent to use, 3 counts of contributing to delinquency of a minor, 3 counts of theft- less than $300, and 1 felony count of conspiracy to commit.

Featured image via Garfield County Sheriff’s Office/screen capture 

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