“Spectacular Idiot” Lauren Boebert Got Brutally Roasted After She Attacked President Biden For Closing Down Schools… While Donald Trump Was President

That really did not go over well for her.

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Members of the Republican House are so damn desperate to “own” President Biden on the heels of his second State of the Union address before Congress, that they effectively choked themselves half to death on their own feet.

As if the GOP behavior that was displayed during Biden’s address wasn’t bad enough all on its own (in fact, it was bad enough to earn GOP Reps a rather milquetoast public chastising from their new House Speaker Kevin McCarthy this morning) the Republicans have been desperate to keep it going outside of the Capitol.

Considering the Republican crowd doesn’t actually have much legitimate ammo to launch at the president — what with the record-breaking jobs reports, waning inflation, and recovering economy we’ve seen under President Biden’s Democratic leadership — it seems members of the GOP stooped to the lowest hanging fruit they could find… Even if it’s such complete bull that it ends up being one of the most brutal self-owns we’ve seen all year.

All of this is to say that Colorado’s controversial Republican House Rep. effectively stuck her foot so deep in her mouth she’s nearly choking on it in her pathetic attempt to attack Joe Biden on Twitter, only resulting in getting her own ass handed back to her with Americans who have half a shred of basic common sense and a functioning calendar.

Amid the SOTU uproar, Boebert took to her Twitter account to trash President Biden for closing down schools amid the COVID-19 pandemic, writing, “Hey Joe, YOU CLOSED THEM!”

The problem here is the fact that Joe Biden was not the US president when the nation went through widespread, mass school closures as a result of the rampant, deadly virus… Donald J. Trump was.

And don’t think for a second that Twitter users didn’t make quick work of reminding Lauren of as much:

Seriously, lady, it takes less than a minute to check a calendar. Just take the L and delete this mess already.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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