Former Manhattan Prosecutor Exposed Damning Admission From The Longtime Trump Organization CFO’s Ex-Daughter-In-Law That Tipped Off DA To Donald Trump’s Crimes

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Former US Attorney and special prosecutor for the Manhattan District Attorney’s office Mark Pomerantz has effectively rocked the nation with what has long been expected to be an earth-shattering tell-all book, covering his time with the Manhattan DA’s office during their investigation into the scandal-ridden former president, before he resigned from his position in protest over District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s alleged inaction in the case.

The tell-all has been expected to be such a bombshell, in fact, that we recently reported on the fact that certain individuals out there really don’t want you reading it at all.

Pomerantz rose to infamy last year when he publicly resigned from his high-ranking position with the Manhattan DA, accusing the district attorney’s office of failing to aggressively pursue the investigation into scandal-ridden former President Trump’s alleged wide-reaching financial crimes, despite what he says was a resounding amount of evidence that could nail the former guy to the wall. The former prosecutor has since gone on public record to state that he believes ex-President Donald Trump is “guilty of numerous felonies. According to experts and sources, Pomerantz’s book reveals that he even pursued racketeering charges against the former commander-in-chief.

That damning book has now officially been released, and to say that it’s exceeding all expectations would be an understatement.

Throughout the course of the investigation and trial, it has been confirmed that longtime Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer and personal Trump confidante Allen Weisselberg played an extremely large role in the financial corruption that went on behind closed doors within the ex-president’s family business — a role that he’s now personally paying for via a sentence at Riker’s Island. But Weisselberg wasn’t merely cooking the books for the big guy, the CFO was reaping in plenty of benefits of his own.

In fact, according to Pomerantz, it was a rather damning admission to investigators from Weisselberg’s own ex-daughter-in-law that ultimately tipped the Manhattan DA off to Donald Trump’s crimes.

The former Manhattan Special Assistant District Attorney turned bombshell tell-all author made an appearance on MSNBC following the explosive release of his book this week, and spilled the tea on what ultimately got the ball rolling against the ex-president and his company.

“One of the things Jennifer Weisselberg said that led us to eventually to an indictment of Allen Weisselberg and the Trump Organization was that she not only gotten a free apartment as a wedding gift for her and her husband, his son, Barry. But she revealed that Weisselberg himself had been living in an apartment rent-free,” Pomerantz said.

The attorney-turned-author went on to say that they spoke with the New York Attorney General’s Office, which already had all the facts on that particular piece of the investigation, and confirmed that Jennifer’s claims were absolutely correct.

It was then that investigators discovered that this thing went far beyond just an apartment — it encompassed everything from cars to free cable TV, to utilities and garage fees and even tuition for his grandchildren.

“What ultimately super-charged that investigation was the discovery of accounting records,” something Pomerantz says sparked a long legal battle with the Trump Organization. “We finally got the accounting records and discovered ultimately that although Weisselberg got the free apartment, the cars and so on, that hadn’t been reported on his taxes, but it had been tracked internally as compensation. But it wasn’t reported to the IRS.”

Jennifer Weisselberg was married to Allen’s son Barry, which ended in an extremely bitter, high-conflict divorce in 2018. Jennifer says that it was only after her divorce that she came to see the true scope of the corruption going on with the Weisselbergs. Allen is now serving out his 5-month sentence at Riker’s Island, which was shortened by a deal he cut with the Manhattan DA to essentially roll on the ex-president’s company, while Trump himself continues to face a likely indictment on a variety of charges in no less than 4 separate cases against him.

Watch Pomerantz’s interview here:

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