Stormy Daniels Responds To Melania’s Attacks Against Her On Leaked Tape And It’s Savage

The claws are out, ladies and gentlemen.

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I’m just gonna cut to the chase here — the last few days have just been an absolute mess for the First Couple.

Karma finally caught up with both Donald and Melania Trump and the pair were diagnosed with COVID-19 late last week (we think, we’re pretty sure, anyway), Donnie’s floundering in the polls with mere days left until the election and his campaign time slipping through his fingers thanks to his inability to be a decent human being and wear a mask while several different entities wait like wolves on the sidelines to indict the dude at the first opportunity, the inner workings of the White House are reportedly a doggone disaster, and now Ms. Melania has found herself on the business end of yet another leaked tape, courtesy of her former pal, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff.

Yesterday we reported that Winston Wolkoff had released the secretly recorded tapes, featuring the First Lady’s less than savory thoughts on her hubby’s former mistress, adult film actor Stormy Daniels, back in 2018, when Daniels landed herself a Vogue cover.

To say the least, Donnie’s first wife was less than thrilled for what we can only imagine were a variety of colorful reasons — ultimately referring to Daniels as a “hooker.”

And while scrolling Twitter this afternoon, we found that Stormy herself isn’t too fond of Melania either.

In what can only be described as a brutally savage response to the First Lady’s leaked tapes, Daniels wrote on Twitter, “Hahaha! Although I wasn’t paid for sex and therefore technically not a “hooker” I’ll take being that over what you are any day. You sold your pussy AND your soul…and I’m legal. Keep talking about me. I like your new tits btw. Post (more) nudes? #bebest lol”

Y’all, social media was here for it:

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I think that about covers it, folks! Have a nice day!

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