Tabloid Confirms Trump Has An Embarrassing New “Gig” At Mar-A-Lago That’s Earning Him Brutal Mockery Among Americans

This is just pathetic.

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Apparently, washed-up, scandal-ridden, disgraced former President Donald Trump has a new “gig” at his Mar-a-Lago golf resort turned post-White House personal residence, and it’s earned him more than a little brutal mockery from Americans after an entertainment tabloid broke the news this week.

Page Six reported today that Donald Trump “now has a regular gig” at his makeshift rich, white, old man retirement home in Palm Beach, where he’s now serving as a DJ for dinner and events at his Mar-a-Lago club.

Inside sources told the entertainment publication, “Trump is officially DJing every Thursday night.” To make things even more hilarious, this DJ’ing gig apparently consists of the washed-up former guy sitting at a table with his iPad and lining up a humdinger of a playlist — ranging from Céline Dion’s hit Titanic song to The Villiage People’s YMCA — while he sits and eats his overpriced club dinners that apparently often consist of burger buns with his own name stamped into the tops.

Earlier this month, one New York Times reporter released a leaked memo from Trump himself, proudly advertising his upcoming DJ’ing gig.

“Great music will be played during dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings, with President Trump playing the role of disc jockey,” the hilarious Mar-a-Lago memo read. “The music will be amazing, it will be lots of fun, and will go until the late evening.”

The mockery in response to this hot mess was beyond hilarious, albeit brutal for the former guy on a personal level.

Author Jill Twiss wrote on Twitter, “The one thing I hold dear is that all of the worst people you know will eventually try to become a DJ.”

Jezebel’s Laura Bassett wrote a whole entire piece in response to the news: “If this man is never actually going to be in jail for his various crimes, the next best thing is for him just to stay put in that soothing, Groundhogs Day-style time loop, utterly content with his Thursday night DJ gigs and unable to f*ck up geopolitics.”

And, of course, Americans swarmed to Twitter where they buried the big guy in all the humiliating mockery he deserves:

Maybe stick with the DJ’ing thing and leave the presidency alone.

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