The Ex-President’s Life Is Rapidly Falling Apart After One Of The Staunchest MAGA Talking Heads Appeared To Jump Off The Trump Train

They're abandoning you, Donnie.

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There’s no denying at this point that the midterm elections were absolutely detrimental for Donald Trump and the Republican Party as a whole. What they anticipated to be a “Red Wave” actually turned out to be little more than a pink trickle, with many of the ex-president’s hand-picked candidates, such as Pennsylvania’s Dr. Mehemet Oz, humiliatingly losing their asses to their Democratic opponents.

As a result, multiple reports have indicated that the Conservative crowd, and even some of the most notable Republican figures, have begun to point the finger at the washed-up ex-president, blaming him for the catastrophic election season and turning their sights towards finally moving on from the has-been former guy.

None other than Fox News talking head Tomi Lahren seemed to prove that point when she utilized a recent Fox segment to basically make a public jump off the Trump Train.

Lahren has undeniably been one of the staunchest, most loyal, and frankly loudest MAGA supporters out there. In fact, the largest part of Tomi’s early career was built on the back of the MAGA “movement” as she rose to “fame” via her public peddling of Donald Trump’s most unhinged philosophies and notions.

But it looks like even Tomi Lahren has a limit, believe it or not.

During her Sunday Fox segment, Lahren cited a tweet from Republican Sen. Josh Hawley who declared the entire GOP dead and called on Republicans to essentially build a new party from its carcass.

“A lot of Republican voters are feeling that way,” Lahren said regarding the Hawley tweet. “But then we have to consider a whole new mess is probably coming our way if we have a Trump announcement this week. And we’re going to talk about that later, but if we’re divided now between McConnell and Rick Scott and all the rest of it wait until Donald Trump’s name is back in the running officially.”

Lahren made note of the fact that the washed-up former guy has been hinting hard at a 2024 presidential announcement for weeks now, that’s been expected to come hot on the heels of the midterm elections. Ever since his 2021 eviction from the White House, Trump has indicated that campaign finance laws have held him back from a formal announcement. Once he finally commits to his presidential candidacy, it will then be against the law for him to fundraise for his super PAC. However, Trump didn’t do so well at all in the last fundraising cycle. While he pulled in a significant chunk of change before it was all said and done, he also spent almost just as much to make it.

A previous report from Bloomberg News revealed that the former president spent a whopping 91 cents for every 1 dollar he made in the last cycle.

“I know he’s been hinting at it for a long time, but when officially it’s there, I know that will impact Georgia,” Tomi said in her segment. “It’s gonna be whether Democrats hate Donald Trump or Republicans love Donald Trump enough to push Georgia over the line. But there’s going to be a lot of issues in the Republican Party and we have two years to sort out and we better start today.”

Watch the Lahren’s Fox clip here:

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