Trump And Family Failed To Disclose Nearly $300k In Gifts Received By Foreign Govts, Including “Larger-Than-Life-Sized Painting” Of Donald, According To Oversight Report

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Democratic congresspeople on the House Oversight Committee have released a damning new report claiming that scandal-ridden former President Donald Trump and his family failed to report nearly $300,000 worth of gifts they received from foreign governments during Donald’s time in office, including one particularly bizarre gift from the Saudi Arabian government, that could put the family in direct violation of the Constitution’s emoluments clause.

Among the gifts in question that Trump and his family allegedly failed to report was a “larger-than-life-sized painting” of the big guy himself, gifted to him by the government of Saudi Arabia, as well as an alleged 17 different other unreported gifts from the same foreign government, totaling more than $48,000 in their collective worth. It is said that this bizarre, humongous painting of Donald Trump may now be on display at the scandal-ridden, disgraced former president’s Mar-a-Lago resort turned post-White House personal home in Palm Beach, Florida.

Democratic House Rep. Jamie Raskin, who serves on the Oversight Committee, said that the extensive and expensive gifts that Trump and his family received from foreign governments and allegedly failed to properly report could serve as a blatant violation of the US Constitution’s financial emoluments clause that serves to, in part, ban a sitting United States president from receiving or accepting any form of payments from any foreign governments. In his allegation, Raskin did not provide any evidence to indicate that the expensive gifts influenced any of Donald Trump’s foreign policy making decisions.

The House Oversight Committee released an interim report, claiming that “the failures to disclose gifts from foreign governments were much broader than previously known and extended throughout the Trump Administration.” The report goes on to add that “internal White House records obtained by the Committee indicate that the listings provided by the White House to the Office of the Chief of Protocol failed to include all the foreign gifts received by former President Trump and the First Family not only in 2020, but throughout the Trump Administration.”

The Democrats on the House Oversight Committee released this report on Donald Trump and the Trump family’s foreign gifts amid movements by House Republicans, preparing to launch a series of revenge hearings and investigations into President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

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