Trump Apparently Hasn’t Had The Rest Of His Physical Since Impromptu Visit To Walter Reed Last Year, Americans Are Wondering What’s Going On

Something smells fishy here.

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Donald Trump’s health, both mental and physical, has been a pretty big cause for concern for some time now. Honestly, the guy was more than a few fries short of a Happy Meal far before he ever ran for president. And let’s face it, he’s never had the physique that’s worthy of a Michelangelo sculpture by any stretch of the imagination.

The man has never been one for much of any exercise — considering genital grabbing and barging in on undressed, underage beauty pageant contestants doesn’t count as cardio — and his eating habits are about as bad as my dog’s, and she literally eats actual garbage. Out of the trash can.

Now, the nation has not yet forgotten Donald’s little impromptu trip to Walter Reed late last year that he and members of his team excused as nothing more than an advance on his routine presidential physical as he anticipated a rather busy election year.

That sudden decision was weird enough when it happened, as it was a peculiar time of the year for a presidential physical and it quite literally came out of nowhere, never so much as being added to his schedule.

There was a whole lot of speculation surrounding the random doctor’s visit written off as a routine check-up but ultimately it was swept under the rug by Trump’s crew and we never did really get any true answers — as with many other things throughout this sorry excuse for a presidency.

But now things have gone from suspicious to downright weird as hell as it’s now several days into February and Trump allegedly has yet to complete the “second portion” of his annual physical that was supposedly already started last year.

Customarily, the presidential physical takes place in January, but so far there’s been no record of Trump finishing his up. And given his recent displays of bad health, including worsened slurring when he speaks, confusion, a strange gait, and an overall sickly-looking demeanor, Americans are starting to wonder what in the hell is going on.

I think at this point we can chalk Trump’s health up as yet another thing he’s hiding from us all.

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