Trump Appears To “Cluelessly” Retweet Fox Personality Who Claimed POTUS Will Unify Dem Candidates Against Himself

And yet he thinks Joe Biden is a the king of gaffes.

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President Donald Trump committed another major embarrassing Twitter gaffe after Fox News pundit Brit Hume pointed to him as a unifier. However, Hume was not talking about Trump unifying the country, he was talking about the Democratic Party. Oops.

Hume, who has been mocked since posting a screenshot of his computer screen featuring a “Sexy Vixen Vinyl” tab open on it, pointed out in response to another Twitter user that Trump will be the biggest factor that will unite the Democratic Party come November.

Trump, however, apparently only saw his name and failed to realize that Hume’s tweet was not a compliment.

Twitter users jumped all over the gaffe, especially since Trump has been attacking Biden for his own gaffes.

If Trump is going to continue to criticize Biden for committing gaffes, he should take more care to not commit gaffes of his own, especially gaffes that are totally avoidable like this one.

Was the crisis in Afghanistan surrounding the pull out of American Troops Biden's fault or Trump's fault?

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